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Decorative driveway
Cleaning and re-sealer system for resin bound
stone surfaces, tree beds and pathways
Polysealer features
POLYSEALER has been developed to reinvigorate resin bound stone surfacing which may have been laid some years ago or has been subject to heavy traffic and may have started to lose some of its original sparkle.

After cleaning the surfacing of debris and dust and being left to dry thoroughly POLYSEALER is applied as a thin even coat and allowed to cure. This simple process can roll back the years and give resin bound installations a new lease of life.

The POLYSEALER system is supplied as a 2-component kit giving a speedy cure time ensuring that the revitalised surfacing can be back in use again with the minimum amount of disruption for the residents.

POLYSEALER is supplied as a 2-component kit conveniently packed with enough headspace in the A component container to allow the whole kit to be mixed in the correct proportions, eliminating weighing errors. The two components are mixed together just prior to use to give a low viscosity resin designed to be roller applied to the existing surfacing. POLYSEALER will cure to form an inert, non-hazardous, clear gloss coating which will rejuvenate older installations or strengthen those weakened by excessive use.

Benefits of the POLYSEALER system include:
Rejuvenates and reinvigorates
Strengthens the surface
Inexpensive alternative to a new installation
Tough durable coating
Easy to use at installation
Excellent coverage rate
Safe and easy disposal
Minimal downtime and disruption

For the best results all surfaces must be dry throughout the depth of the screed and also free from dust, dirt, oil or grease. It is always prudent to evaluate the compatibility of POLYSEALER with the existing surfacing by applying POLYSEALER to a discrete area before carrying out an installation, particularly if the history of surfacing is unknown. If previous rejuvenation has been attempted with products other than POLYSEALER discolouration and/or delamination/flaking may occur.

Installation data sheets

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