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Polyturf artificial grass adhesive
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POLYTURF is a 2-component polyurethane adhesive system specifically developed for bonding artificial grass and sports surfaces.

POLYTURF cures to form an inert and non-hazardous solid, waterproof bond, particularly to rubber, concrete and asphalt. POLYTURF does not contain any solvents (no VOCs). This means it is kinder to the environment which is better for everyone and is also an important consideration when tendering for contracts with corporations and local authorities.

POLYTURF is supplied as a 2-component kit conveniently packed with enough headspace in the 'A component' container to mix the whole kit in the correct proportion, eliminating weighing errors. The two components are mixed together just prior to being applied.

Once mixed POLYTURF has just the right consistency to give an adhesive that is easy to apply, gives good coverage and holds its shape after spreading with the notched trowel.

Benefits of the POLYTURF system include:
Tough durable bond
Does not contain solvent (no VOCs)
Easy to use
Convenient to store and transport
Excellent adhesion to a range of sub-bases
Water resistant
Safe and easy disposal

Any residual material in the container is soon rendered inert and the container can be recycled or disposed of as building waste therefore reducing the need for expensive disposal options.

Remember that for the best results all surfaces must be dry, free from dust or grease. New concrete must be fully cured. The surface of old concrete should be fully intact. It is always prudent to evaluate the bond between the sub-base and the adhesive before carrying out an installation as this interface can be a point of bond failure

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