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Pure-Flex Packaging Adhesives History
The business started with Arthur Holden and Sons in Birmingham, in the late 1970’s. Holden’s primary business activity was industrial coatings, and lacquers for food and drink cans.


The technology synergies of can coating and flexible packaging were predominantly the manufacturing of tailor made polyester resins. In 1982 Holden’s was acquired by ICI. The adhesive business continued to grow with the addition of ink media products.


In 2007 due to capacity constraints on the Birmingham site, MRI-Polytech was approved as toll manufacturers for the Flexible Packaging product range. AkzoNobel purchased ICI in 2008.


In 2014 AkzoNobel made a strategic decision to divest the flexible packaging adhesives and ink media business. In July 2014 it was purchased by MRI Polytech, and became Pure-Flex Packaging Adhesives Ltd. Pure-Flex continue to benefit from the many years of experience which key members of staff have brought to the company ever since the days of Arthur Holden and Sons.

PURE-FLEX Our adhesive product range

PURE-FLEX packaging adhesives are available in solvent-free, solvent-based, water-based and ink media options for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

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