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Reinstating installed road surfaces

ROAD REPAIR is a tough durable pot-hole repair system which is quick and easy to apply giving highway maintenance teams a long lasting alternative when resurfacing is not a short term option. Road Repair can be applied with the minimum of fuss meaning shorter lane closure times and with it the reduced exposure to hazards for the highways maintenance teams.

The ROAD REPAIR system is a cold cure polyurethane system. This means no heating is required during preparation and application of the repair kit. This important feature means maintenance teams can keep their carbon footprint lower, always an important consideration when tendering for local authority and highways contracts.

ROAD REPAIR does not contain any solvents (no VOCs) meaning it is kinder to the environment, another consideration when dealing with local authorities and highways organisations. Once cured it forms an inert non-hazardous repair that will last the life time of the road surface - unlike some quick-fix bitumen-based alternatives.

For ease of use, ROAD REPAIR can be supplied in kit format so the repair team only need to prepare as much or as little repair material as is needed to do the job, resulting in very little waste. The kit format is convenient for storage and transport and allows the material to be handily prepared in the supplied container. Any residual material in the container is soon rendered inert and the container can be recycled or disposed of as building waste, reducing the need for expensive disposal options.

Benefits of the ROAD REPAIR system include:
• Quick repair minimizes inconvenience to road users
• Quick repair minimizes maintenance team exposure to traffic hazard
• Long lasting
• Does not contain solvent (no VOC’s)
• Lower carbon footprint
• Easy to use
• Convenient to store and transport
• Minimises waste

Installation data sheets

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