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Sample Flooring Application
Single component polyurethane adhesive

POLY PEDESTAL is a single component polyurethane adhesive specially developed for fixing pedestals during the installation of raised access floors.This solvent free adhesive facilitates the fast installation of pedestals to the concrete sub-floor and is ideal for forming a strong but flexible bond between metal and concrete. This makes it the best choice for the installation of new raised access floors or for refurbishment and repairs.

Unlike with two component adhesives, which have to be used once mixed, if the whole container of POLY PEDESTAL is not needed during an install, simply replace the lid back on the part used tub and store as directed until required again therefore helping installers cut down on unnecessary waste.

POLY PEDESTAL is moisture curing, this reaction process allows pedestals to be repositioned if slight adjustments are necessary a short time after application. And POLY PEDESTAL does not contain solvent thus helping installers meet the ever increasing demands of environmental legislation.

Fast pedestal installation is achieved by simply dipping the bottom surface of the pedestal base lightly on to the surface of the adhesive. This way the correct amount of POLY PEDESTAL is applied making it convenient and easy to use. No mixing is required. The adhesive does not flow thus it will fill any imperfections in the surface of the concrete, important for achieving maximum adhesion.

Benefits of the POLY PEDESTAL system include:
• One component, no mixing required
• Does not contain solvent (no VOC’s)
• Non flammable
• Passes the T42 swing bag test
• Reduced waste
• Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete
• Water resistant
• Safe and easy disposal

For the best results all surfaces must be dry, free from dust or grease. New concrete must be fully cured. The surface of old concrete should be fully intact. If bonding to primed concrete, test the adhesion of the primer to the concrete as this interface can be a point of bond failure. In light of these points MRI Polytech recommends that the installer carries out the necessary testing for each site due to the variable nature of construction environments.

Once empty, any residual material left in the container will cure overnight rendering it inert and non-hazardous. The container can then be disposed of as building waste or some facilities will recycle.

Installation data sheets

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